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The Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (AEPL) is the world’s premier rating body for laminate flooring. As such, if you decide to purchase laminate flooring, you should make sure that it has been rated by the AEPL.

The AEPL tests laminate flooring for impact damage, stain resistance, and burn resistance. Other tests examine water absorption and swelling rates and how easily the flooring scratches when in contact with furniture.

The AEPL rates laminate flooring on a scale of 1-5 using something called the “Abrasion Criteria,” with one being the least durable and five being the most durable. At FERMA, all of our laminate flooring is AC compliant, with ratings of AC 2 , AC 3 or AC4. This means that all our floors are right in the middle of the spectrum in regards to durability.

This is actually a good thing; floors with an AC 1 rating can be too soft, and laminate floors with an AC 5 rating are only suitable for commercial floors. In other words, their durability means they have a coarser texture and are therefore not comfortable or suitable for bare feet.

Unrated laminate floors are floors that did not
receive an AC rating

  • ac-1 AC 1 – Suitable for light foot traffic area in residential settings such as bedrooms.
  • ac-2 AC 2 – Stronger than AC 1, it is suitable for residential use with normal foot traffic such as formal dining rooms and living rooms.
  • ac-3 AC 3 – Usable for all residential settings and also suitable for light traffic professional settings such as offices.
  • ac-4 AC 4 – Suitable for commercial settings such as shops and moderate traffic offices.
Learn About Laminate Flooring
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Learn About Laminate Flooring
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